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Dec 24, 2012 2:30pm PST
about the environment, and i love the work, because we have not gotten there yet, but needed all those people who really want to make a difference in that field is important to me. tavis: i am not going to give out your home address, but you spend a great deal of your time in idaho. about 33 years by my count. what has that space -- being away from the rat race, not being in new york, not being in l.a., what has the solitude done for your songwriting? >> i think it can only have made it better. i think i am stimulated to right by the turmoil of the city, by the confusion and problems, but i am also nearest by the solitude, the closest to the nature region the closeness to nature. people say, what does wilderness mean when you are starving? i get that, but i also does not mean to destroy the wilderness, because when you are not starving you are going to want a place to go and your kids and grandkids are going to want a place to go, so i see it as my responsibility to take care of the problems in the city, but to take care of the wilderness for future generations. we have to. tavis: the
Dec 29, 2012 12:00am EST
-- people. people, it's fun for me to bounce ideas off of, see what happens, have an environment where we're all working on something. threevie, there's maybe months that the whole group is together making a movie, and then you say goodbye, or you say hello to some of them and you keep on with the relationship, but it's this idea of creating something with other people that i think is extraordinary, and i don't know that i had that when i started my career, that sense of really enjoying the process of it. tavis: does it matter to you now, now more than ever, you tell me, to make movies that are saying something, or are you okay with just pure entertainment? >> i don't know that there is "pure entertainment." i think that tavis: well, some things are mindless. it can be fun, but doesn't mean [unintelligible] >> i don't think i've done anything mindless. i think i've escaped that. i've made films that are less good, for sure, but i don't think i've made anything that's mindless. everything that i've done has -- i feel confident has had a human quality to it, and if you show a human being on
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2